Sestina – Nunchuks and Nuns

Distance is hard,

we’re both together

and alone with thoughts

about what’s over there

out in the horizon, apart

making bucks. Fun. Sucks. Nunchuks.


Bucks easily spent. Nunchuks,

and beers – it hit hard

when money was far apart,

at least I’m home: we’re together

slightly distracted, my mind over there

on a future to which I’ve given no thought


I have racing thoughts –

a clusterfuck. Nuns. Fuck. Nunchuks.

I know you’re in there,

but lately it’s been hard

knowing we’re together

seeing us apart.


Things would not be so hard together

if thoughts stopped racing here and there

and I was not apart from my honey nun chuckles nunchuks.


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