The Shadows – Flash Fiction

Flickers from the TV flashed across empty eyes of the man in the rocking chair. He had felt trapped in the overgrown room, until the day the flies finally settled down. He saw himself sitting there, nothing but a husk. It blurred before him, and he glided through the chair and found firm ground in one of the strange pools of spotlight that formed around the room. Contrasting this, he felt a breeze from the depths of the shadows where light could not reach. Moving from island to island of light, he made it to the door. His body cast a shadow on the doorknob as he reached for it. His hand slid through, and the shadows opened up to him. Their dark outlines marked the edges of portals to him. Others could not pass, for it was not how it worked. Not yet anyway.

A shoutout to my friends over at Tunnel Vision Games who let me use their game in progress as a concept for this piece of Flash Fiction!


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