A Still Picture of War

Mankind has always sought to kill

often not for the thrill.

Fight over a mammoth for meat,

In the beginning, just to stay on our feet.

But Man wanted more to feel complete.


Early evidence states that spears

were the first weapon we picked up

those tentative beginning years.

Animals were wild, pick up your club,

man was weak, intruders were shot.


The tribe looked to the stars and howled,

villages drank to Odin and roared.

The city prayed to Jesus and mourned,

time passed, people adapted; still more died

in battles of others; still people cried.


It was the pinnacle, they say,

who by chance had most to gain

from throwing bodies to the fray.

The Great War saw generations slain,

wagers won and pockets filled.


Yes we hit fast forward, still

surpassing granite, sticks and stones,

but mankind’s not forgotten, still

ideals are green, yet blood falls red on grass:

their greed, another’s chaos, their house.


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