Why I Love World Building.

Check out my classmate and fellow student of Creative Writing here at The Southgate Society School for Creative Writing, Aalborg, Denmark

The Social Zephyr

You’ve read it by now, hopefully. Maybe even considered the words, thought about them, made your own ideas of what they meant to you. If that’s the  case; good!

It goes like this: “If the world deceives you, why not try an alternative?”

It’s a phrase I came up with a long time ago; one of those days where I really felt like it was the world against me, and me alone. I don’t quite remember the details of it, but it’s stuck with me ever since. I know it’s not a fancy quote, or one you even have to think about a lot of times to get. Yet, it is so very powerful to me. Because it reassures me of my place. When I feel down, beaten up by whatever real life issue I have going on, the knowledge that I can write the pain away is all that…

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