Her smile.. makes.. made me laugh

How he would react if his girlfriend left him, well that was one hell of a question. One that he often asked himself. Lately they had been taking more time to themselves, so they called it anyhow. He had a feeling that she was the one who needed it the most.

For what good is time, if you had nothing constructive to do with it? And she certainly was the one preoccupying herself – hobbies sprouting out of nowhere, as if her boyfriend wasn’t interesting in the slightest anymore. Yoga, with the girls; knitting club, with the girls; and the latest brainchild: recycling café, with the girls. What was that even?

John pushed aside the accumulated coffee mugs on his desk to find a pen and paper. Where was that good pen of his anyway, argh! Must have been Lissy who has moved his things around again – organized them – hah!

There it was, he knew she had moved it. “Note to self,” he put down. He pondered for a bit, then threw the paper away and grabbed a new piece. “Pros and cons” was the new title. The left side of the paper filled up rapidly: she has a cute smile; great cook; good humour; makes … made me laugh…

He put down the pen and pushed the paper into the mess on his desk. Buried it under bills, half-torn envelopes and dinner plates. Had he in fact been the one sabotaging – neglecting – their relationship? He felt a sting of guilt. He had been very hard on her, and he might not have appreciated her as much as she deserved.

It was, after all, very nice to have her around the apartment. To have someone to come home to. When of course she wasn’t complaining about his mess, his inability to keep appointments and about his laziness; who was she to know how he felt anyway!?

He pushed his chair back and started pacing the apartment. All the neighbors would see him walking around in his nickers. He didn’t care. He didn’t notice – not today at least. Of all days – not today. He had been such a fool! He gestured to the heavens and angrily scratched at his receding hairline. Oh damn it to hell, she was even the best looking of the two.

He stopped in front of the coffee table where her calendar lay. What day was it today? He opened the calendar and feverishly flipped through the pages and reached present day: “Friday – recycling café.” He could make it, he could do this, and he could repair this mess! The calendar still in hand, he made it towards the bedroom to put on some clothes.

He stumbled over some bags, and the calendar fell to the floor. He looked annoyed down at the adversary who had felled him. It was his bags, strewn all over the bedroom floor. What the… He looked atop the closet and saw that her big suitcase was missing. And so was a great deal of her clothes, judging from the empty clothes racks in the closet.

He fell heavy onto the bed and buried himself under pillows, t-shirts and sweaters. How long had their apartment looked like this, and how long had she been fed up with him?


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